Children Session Info

Childrens Portraits
Our studio session includes a wide variety of images from various studio locations inside and out. You can select from our white room, a formal setting, our popular window room. Or, if you choose, you can journey outside where you will find a vintage truck, you can lounge on the beach, stroll near the pond or sit and dream on our Victorian porch.You can also enhance your portrait by bringing in nostalgic items like your grandmother’s quilt, your mother’s rocking chair, or some of your father’s work items. It’s all up to you. We will provide you with different poses┬ásuch as┬áhead and shoulders, 3/4 length and full length. To make this more convenient, the ordering is scheduled directly after the session so you can see and select your favorite images.

We have several programs and specials to choose from to make sure you capture all the memories of your child as they grow.

Session Tips

We invite you to bring props to personalize your portraits. Do not forget to bring the coordinating outfits.

Bring a favorite toy or blanket for your child’s comfort.

Soft, flowing garments photograph better than tightly fitted clothing.

Coordinate their dress from head to toe. This doesn’t necessarily mean identical outfits, but try choosing one or two theme colors your children look good in. Creating unity with harmonious colors helps us capture your family’s relationships.

Children tire easily! Planning the session around naps, feeding schedules and errands help keep your children fresh and enthusiastic, and can help offset fussiness.