Hey everyone!
This year we are starting something new, and we’d love to have you come in and take advantage of a great opportunity for some cute Valentine’s Day pictures!
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It’s hard to believe that our senior season is almost over. School has started and the summer is slowly winding to a close. We have had a blast working with class of 2016! The deadline for yearbook photos is October 31st, so if you haven’t had your pictures taken yet, please call and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. Our schedule is sure to book up quickly with all the last minute appointments!
Here’s a little preview of all the fun we’ve had the last couple of months!
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We recently had the pleasure of photographing the Shannon-Malott Wedding at The Syndicate in Newport, Kentucky. After our weddings, we like to take the opportunity to recognize the vendors that we worked with. Gigi’s Cupcakes are a staple in the Tri-State area, known for their delicious cupcakes with fun and creative flavors, you’re sure to find something that will sooth your sweet tooth. Cupcakes are quickly becoming a great alternative to a traditional wedding cake. So if you’re looking for great cupcakes for any occasion, make sure to check out Gigi’s! They have a location in Florence, Kentucky and Kenwood, Ohio.

Ladies, the way you apply your make up on the day of your session can make or break your photographs. If you follow these simple steps for the picture perfect look, you’ll surely shine on the day of your shoot!

Make-up Musts for Gorgeous Photos
1. Lighten Up

Try to avoid going too dark on your foundation shade.
Have your shade matched to your skin tone as close to the day of your shoot as possible.

2. Matte is a Must
For your cheeks, stay away from shimmery powders, no exceptions.
For your eyes, keep the shimmer strictly on eyelids.

3. Primary Focus
Primer is essential for keeping makeup intact. Oil-free versions are best and also sensitive skin friendly.

4. Say No to SPF
Both primer and foundation should be SPF free. Formulas containing sunscreen cast a ghost-like glow with the camera flash.

5.  Line Up
When lining eyelids, start in the center and work your way to the outer edge. Lining the entire lid will cause the eyes to appear smaller. Use a slanted brush with a dark (but not black) shadow to line the lower lids.

6. More is More
A camera flash will wash out colors, no matter what. Don’t be scared off by a dramatic finished look. It won’t photograph that way.
Typically camera flash takes away 10% of the makeup.

7. Blend, Blend, Blend
When it comes to concealer, cheek contouring and eye shadow, a quality set of brushes is key. The camera flash will highlight unblended edges, creating a clown-like look, and unblended concealer will highlight fine lines.

8. Mellow Yellow
To set make-up choose a yellow powder rather than a translucent one. Much like SPF formulas, translucent powders cast a white glow when photographed.

9. Au Naturale
Always have make-up applied in natural light. This will be the best indicator of how it will look when photographed.

10. Practice Run
Don’t wait until the day of your session to test your make-up. Practice and trial runs are essential to creating the perfect final look.

There you have it, ten great tips to get you photo shoot ready and looking your very best!
Make sure to check out Pinterest for current make-up trends and styles.

This summer has been a blur for us here at Glutz McIntire Photography.
We’ve been busy having a blast with all of our seniors!
Check out some of the exciting things we’ve been doing in the studio.

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2015 MUD DAY Postcard-1

Come join us on Thursday, July 9th for a day filled with fun and just a little dirt!
The kids will have a blast getting dirty and tossing around in the mud, and it’s sure to create some great lasting memories for you and your family. Call us now to book an appointment before the opportunity slips away, 513-528-5888.



In celebration of Independence day, Glutz McIntire Photography would like to offer you a limited time discount on all Sports, Dance and Wedding events on our Instaproofs site. Photographs make excellent gifts for all occasions, so come visit now and take advantage of this limited time offer!

All event sessions offered online will be discounted by 1/4 in honor of Independence Day. The sale starts Friday, July 3, and goes through midnight on Monday, July 6, 2015!

Feel free to take your time and browse through the images and choose your favorites.

The following link will take you directly to the photographs:


This sale does not include portrait sessions for Seniors, Children or Families. We apologize if your event does not qualify for the sale and you receive this notice.

Everyone enjoy a safe and happy holiday!

Upcoming Events at Glutz Photography!

Upcoming Events at Glutz Photography!

Check out all the fun the girls had at their father daughter dance a few weeks ago!

I think the dads might have enjoyed it just as much!

To view more images from this dance please visit 
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